My Inspirations

Recently for one of my classes we had to put together an ‘Inspiration Archive’ for one of our final projects. After taking the time to complete this assignment it was very clear to me just how hard it was to put down in writing why something inspires me. Sure it’s easy to say something inspires you but, how and why does it inspire you? After challenging myself to put these inspirations into words I ended up being really proud of how mine turned out so I thought I would share a couple of them here. I hope you enjoy taking a peek into my thoughts!

xo, Brianna

Black and White: Although color inspires me, so does black and white. I love how bold it is but also how calming it can be. For example this photograph of someone’s bedroom; although it is black and white it feels inviting and warm. Black and white outfits also easily can show sophistication and class but can also be put together in a fun and flirty way. When looking at black and white photography, especially portraits, it really captures the attitude and soul of the subject in the photograph without the distraction or influence of color. I guess black and white inspires me because of its versatility.


Concerts: There’s something about being at a concert that’s really inspiring to me and it’s something that I can’t really explain. It’s not just being at the show, it’s all the excitement that surrounds it. When the hush falls over the crowd and the house lights slowly start to dim as the stage comes to life, the long wait finally becomes worth it. For the next hour or so I feel as though I can fully immerse myself in the music and the performance. Everything that’s happening in my life at the moment seems to have been left at the door. Being at a concert for me is like the feeling of being home. I’m at a place where I feel like I fit in and can fully enjoy myself. I feel inspired every time.


“You Cannot Act Like Flip Flops And Expect To Be Treated Like Louboutins”: This quote serves as a reminder to me to only accept the best version of myself so that others do too. It inspires me to strive to be the best that I can be everyday. It’s also a motivator for myself to work to earn the respect that I deserve and that if I don’t respect myself and present myself in a strong confident way why should I expect anyone else to treat me that way? It’s a reminder that how I act and see myself affects how those around me will treat and respect me. It’s important that I put my best foot forward and stand strong in everything that I do.


The Beach: The beach inspires me because it is a calm peaceful place for me to go and just relax and think. Goes to the beach for me is another escape from reality. Sitting in the sand watching the waves crash on the shoreline has a very calming effect on me. I love being able to go to the beach and read a book, listen to music or just sit and think. Going to the beach, especially early in the morning when not a lot of people are around is one of my favorite things to do to relax and clear my mind. After being at the beach I feel inspired.

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 4.54.43 PM

“Life Begins At The End Of Your Comfort Zone”: For myself this quote is very important. I constantly find myself staying within my comfort zone, too afraid to do anything that lies out of the boundaries. Every time I see this quote it inspires and motivates me to try something new that is out of my comfort zone and something that I may have been previously afraid to try.

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 5.49.30 PM

My Best Friend: My best friend is definitely a big inspiration to me. Other than always being there to give advice or be the shoulder to cry on she’s also inspired me in so many different ways. And she doesn’t even know it. Watching her dance always pushed me to be a better dancer. I envied they way that she brought her emotion and passion into every performance she did whether it was big or small. She’s always willing to try new things and chase after what she wants. She never seems to allow the fear of the unknown to hold her back from doing anything. Her confidence and positivity is always bursting out at the seams. Being around her has definitely pushed me to be more confident and to try new things. Angela has inspired me to be a better version of myself and continues to do so everyday.



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