Nasty Gal x Nila Anthony Try Your Harness Crossbody Bag


Recently when looking at my bag collection i’ve decided that it was time for some upgrades. I’ve been toting around a purse for a while now so many of the bags in my collection are clearly for a younger girl and bags that I have naturally grown out of. The main bag I use right now is my Michael Kors cross body and most days I love it; but for some it’s either too small or too big. So on the hunt to find a new bag to add to my collection I stumbled upon this one on the Nasty Gal website and fell in love, and fell even harder when I saw that it was on sale! I ended up paying $33.60 plus shipping to own this little baby. This was my 1st purchase from Nasty Gal and I have to say i’m very happy with it. I had no problems with ordering or the product I received and my package came faster than expected.

When looking for a new bag I was looking for a smaller one that I could just throw the essentials in (wallet, phone, keys, and other bits and baubles I would need when I go out). And this one it perfect for the job. I will say if you’re someone like me who cares around a large wallet everyday you’ll need to purchase a smaller one or dig up your old one like I did. I’m also big into structured bags so I love how this one is so structured and sturdy. It also has double closer with a zipper going across the top on the inside and a flap the buttons down in the front, keeping everything in the bag secure and preventing things from falling out. Over all I’m really happy with my purchase and can’t wait rock it out on some new adventures!


Twitter: @briebrie77 / @xobrianna77
Instagram: @briebrie77

*Unfortunately the bag is sold out as of now but heres the link in case they get it back in stock! Nasty Gal x Nila Anthony Try Your Harness Crossbody Bag


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