Kate Spade: Cedar Street Monday


I know, I know, ANOTHER NEW BAG POST! (watch out, theres another one coming soon too) What can I say? When I told you I wanted to update my bag collection I wasn’t playing and I happen to find some good deals! 

As you’ve probably been able to figure out my love for cross body bags is pretty real, so no surprise here that this is another one. I’m a frequent visitor of the Kate Spade website (we can talk about my love for Kate Spade at a later time lol) and when I saw this one in their sale section I had to have it. I ended up paying about $85 for this bag which I’m totally OK with knowing their quality. I have a wallet/wristlet from them that I got this summer and use everyday when running to class and work that shows little to no wear despite being thrown around everyday. So I trusted that I would be getting similar quality with this bag and so far I’m really happy with it. I’m also completely obsessed with the black bag and gold hardware combo, it’s so different from the other bags that I currently have. I find myself always leaning towards silver hardware so I’m happy with the fact that I’ve stepped out of my norm with the gold on this one.

Similar to the last bag that I bought I wanted another smaller bag. I liked the idea of having a bag that I could use when going out to just hold the essentials and wouldn’t get in the way. Theres nothing worse then going out and constantly worrying about how your huge bag is in the way or having everything shoved into your bra (hey, it works when you’re in a pinch!). This bag is perfect for holding just my phone, debit card, IDs, metro card and some cash. I also love that this bag stops me from collecting trash and unnecessary things in my bag that are just going to weigh it down. This is another purchase I’m really happy with and know that it’s a bag thats going to be with me for a while.

So far I’m really happy with this purchase and love how I can pair it with just about any outfit in any season!


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*I believe this bag is an older version as it was purchased from the sale section of the Kate Spade website, the new bags that are similar to this style/size are the Cedar Street Cami and the Cedar Street Large Monday*


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