Best Friend Christmas Present Exchange!



Today I got to spend the day with my best friend Angela {you can go check her out at if you’d like} we went to go get our nails done, write our christmas cards to some of our friends and of course give each other our christmas presents! I’m totally in love with everything she got me {THANK YOU ANGELA! :*} so I thought I would share them here!
(to check out what I got Angela, click HERE!)

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: I have been dying to try out some liquid/cream lipsticks for a while now so i’m really excited about these! This NYX pack comes with 3 colors (Monte Carlo, Copenhagen and Transylvania, swatches are pictured below!) I’ve already tried out the Copenhagen one (middle) and I’m in love! I was afraid they would feel dry on my lips but it’s actually the opposite, I thought they felt very hydrating and smooth despite being a matte finish. Although, i’m feeling i’m going to have to invest in a lip liner for when i’m wearing these because they get kind of messy. {Side note: they all smell like vanilla and its HEAVEN!}

NYX Natural Palette: These colors are gorgeous and absolutely perfect for me! I tend to go for neutrals on my eyes all the time just because I find them easy to work with to create a great smokey eye. I’m also excited about having a palette that isn’t as bulky as my others for easy travel since I do travel back and forth from school sometimes.

Lauren Conrad Necklace: CUTE CUTE CUTE! I think this will be an amazing accessory for the spring and summer! (although I can’t promise you won’t find me sporting this anchor necklace in the middle of the winter) I’m also loving the fact that it’s a gold finish because my collection tends to be overwhelmingly silver… oops.

Giraffe Mug: The key thing to know here is my favorite animal is a Giraffe (longgg story) I can honestly say when I opened this one I actually squealed with excitement, it’s perfect. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, I looked inside the mug to find A LITTLE GIRAFFE! *died* Obviously, his name is George. I think it goes without saying here that this is now my favorite mug and will most likely be used everyday of my life.

Sending you lots of hugs, kisses and Christmas wishes!
XO, Brianna

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