Aquation: All Day Moisture Care

Once again I’m back with a review! For the past few days I’ve switched up my skin care routine and started using the Aquation all day moisture care line of skin care products. I’m really excited to share this one with you guys because I was really happy with the results that I got using these products! 

In my skin care system I received the gentle moisturizing cleanser, daily moisturizing lotion and the moisturizing cream. I have REALLY sensitive skin and with a lot of skin care products, even ones that claim to be for sensitive skin, they irritate my skin and cause discomfort. So when I was testing out these products that was one of my biggest concerns. (Spoiler Alert: I’m happy to say none of the 3 products irritated my skin!) 


First up is the Aquation Gentle Moisturizing Cleanser. This cleanser claims to cleanse and wash away dirt, oil and makeup all while hydrating and softening your skin. When I first tried this product I had on a full face of makeup and in this summer heat had definitely been sweating throughout the day so I wasn’t playing games. With this product my biggest concern was that it wouldn’t completely clean away my eye makeup and would leave me with those not so desired raccoon eyes I’d have to go back and clean up. But to my surprise, while it wasn’t 100% undetectable that I had on eyeliner that day there were no raccoon eyes in sight and it left my skin feeling clean and moisturized. And the second time I used the cleanser I payed a little more attention to my eye area and was able to completely remove any eyeliner and mascara without harsh rubbing or working too hard at it.


The next product I tried out was the Aquation daily moisturizing lotion. Surprisingly this was the product I was most nervous to try because I have had some not so enjoyable experiences with moisturizers irritating and burning my skin and causing it to turn red. With this lotion even after multiple uses my skin never turned red or showed any signs of irritation or break out and I never felt any burning while using it. The 1st time I applied the product I was a little disappointed because it I didn’t feel as though it settled into my skin well enough to use it in the morning before applying makeup but after being patient and allowing it a quick minute or two to let it do it’s thing it settled nicely. This lotion doesn’t feel greasy on my skin and even after applying this at night when I wake up in morning my skin still feels as though it’s being hydrated. IMG_5768

Last but not least the Aquation Moisturizing cream. Although both the bottle for the lotion and the bottle for the cream say either can be used for the body and face I use the lotion on my face and the cream on my body. One of the biggest reasons as so why I hate using lotion all over my body is because I absolutely hate feeling greasy and like I have product all over me. I love this moisturizing cream because like the lotion it settles really nicely onto your skin and you don’t feel greasy but your skin feels moisturized. Even after just a couple of days of use at night I can see and feel a difference in my skin, especially around my elbows which I feel are constantly dry and in need of some TLC.


Now if all of that wasn’t good enough for you I have more good news! This Aquation skin care line is now available at Walmart! You can shop the products on line here or pick them up at your local store. And they’re totally inexpensive, each product is just $8.96 and Aquation has been nice enough to provide me with a coupon to share with you all; you can access the coupon to print here!

If you have sensitive skin like I do and struggle to find skin care products that work for you, I highly suggest trying out this line of products. I’m honestly so I happy I took a chance on them a tried it for myself, it has taken a lot of frustration out of trying to find good skin care products.

XO, Brianna

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