Pretty in Pink

As we’ve established in some of my previous (see here, here, and here) I clearly have a bag problem and evidently I haven’t been able to stop because here we go again… 


Recently I went shopping at the outlets and found this gem in the Michael Kors’ clearance section and fell in love! As I’ve been updating and building my bag collection I’ve been trying to make sure I buy bags thats are different from the ones I already have. Currently all my bags are neutrals so adding a pink bag was definitely a step out of my comfort zone but I have been LOVING the blush pink that has been popping up everywhere. This bag features silver hardware and while it doesn’t have a zipper is does have a clasp to keep the bag closed and your items secured. The bag also has two straps, a small carrying strap as well as a long adjustable shoulder strap, which is what I use.

With using a pink bag my main concern was being able to pair it with everyday outfits but I’ve actually found it pretty easy. I’ve also found that the size makes it really easy to switch back and forth with my Kate Spade bag I use on an everyday basis. I had concerns about the size because I do use a pretty large wallet and was worried it wouldn’t fit with room for other necessities. But, thankfully everything fits so I don’t have to change wallets and I can just grab my wallet, phone, and keys and head out the door.


Overall I have been really enjoying this bag and love having something different in my collection. Because I bought this bag at the Michael Kors outlet I was unable to find it online to link for you guys but I believe the color is called Blossom!

XO, Brianna

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