Black and White Striped


Black and white striped dress outfit of the day!


Dress: White House Black Market
Purse: Michael Kors
(If you want to know more about the bag you can read my blog post on it here!) 
Sunglasses: H & M
Makeup: Blog post on the look coming soon!

Alright lets get real here, I’m like 99% sure this ‘dress’ is suppose to be a tunic top but because I’m short I like to think I can get away with wearing it as a dress as long as I wear my black shorts under it because it does have dangerously high slits up the sides.


*Pro Tip: If you have a larger chest like I clearly do you most likely have experienced the struggle we face with button up tops always wanting to burst open. I find that the fashion/boob tape doesn’t really hold well for me so I use either a safety pin on the inside of the shirt or the Style Snaps. I know they say they’re for hemming but they’re stronger than the fashion tape and hold well*

📷: The BFF: Angela

XO, Brianna

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