Favorite Fall Jackets (Part 1)

As much as I’m in denial (still) about Summer ending and the weather getting cooler, I do love Fall.  But, I hate this weird mornings are cold afternoons are hot some days it’s snowing (yes, it’s already happened where I live) and other days girls are rocking their summer dresses. Honestly, It’s a real big inconvenience for me, so my revolutionary solution? A jacket. 


Jackets are one of my fall go-tos because they transition nicely with the weather throughout the day during fall. They’ll keep you warm in the morning but by the afternoon you’re not sweating in something like a big chunky sweater. I also love that they’re easy to style but you still look put together even when you keep it simple.

This jacket is one of my favorites because it doesn’t feel restricting. I love the look of a black leather jacket but I tend to shy away from wearing mine because I  lose my range of motion and feel very stiff. I also love the color of this jacket and the way it looks with my new hair color (*wink wink, nudge nudge* do you like it?)

I’m also newly obsessed with the whole turtleneck look but we’ll talk more about the shirt in part 2. I’ve gotta keep you coming back somehow!


Jacket: Calvin Klein
Shirt: I.N.C.
Boots: Jessica Simpson

Just trying to be cute and candid, what else is new?


XO, Brianna

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