Sole Patches

Alright guys, we’re getting really real today. I’ve had writing this blog post on my to do list for probably two months now and I keep putting it off so it’s time we got to it.

I recently (well not so recently anymore) got the chance to try out Sole Patches. These pads are suppose to be used on either the heel or the ball of your foot to make wearing your heels more comfortable. They can either be placed directly on your foot or onto the shoes themselves.

Sole Patches retail for $9.95

I wore these in a pair of heeled boots to work which are fairly comfortable but after standing in them for a full shift my heels start to hurt. I was super excited to try these out because I thought they’d be perfect to get rid of the heel pain. Sadly, I was mistaken. When I first put them in my shoes I had a feeling i’d regret it. The pads themselves are fairly thick and uncomfortable to start off with and I found them to be a bit too large to fit nicely into my shoes. In my experience using Sole Patches, they honestly just made my feet hurt more and earlier into my shift then they would have if I went without them. I couldn’t wait to get home and rip them out of my shoes.

The only thing I can see these maybe working for is if you were to use them solely to prevent your foot from sliding forward in your heels but then again I still see them being an issue because of the thickness and actual size of the pad.

Have you guys tried these? Did they work for you? Or do you have a different trick for wearing those painful but beautiful heels?

XO, Brianna

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