5 Seconds of Summer OOTD

As I’ve gotten older my love for music has if anything grown stronger, and I love representing my favorite artists in my everyday life and style. I’m just not the biggest fan of walking around with someone’s face plastered on my chest.

I’m always looking for merch that I can actually see myself wearing on the regular, not just to a show or an event. Whether it’s my ‘I’ve never heard of Halsey’ hat or my 5SOS t-shirts I appreciate when an artist comes out with merch that seamlessly fits into my wardrobe without being too loud.


Although this jersey is no longer available you can shop other 5SOS merch here!


Shoes: Adidas NEO Advantage Sneaker


(special shoutout to my girl Marissa who actually bought this shirt for me and shipped it to me because they were sold out at the show I went to, I love you and appreciate you)


XO, Brianna

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Instagram: @briebrie77
Twitter: @briebrie77 / @xobrianna77


📷: Michele (Follow her instagram here!)


PS. @ 5SOS, wheres the new music???


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