Kylie Cosmetics – Send Me More Nudes

Hi my name is Brianna and I’m addicted to buying Kylie Cosmetics liquid lipsticks. But, I can’t be the only one… right?

So I did it again, I made another Kylie purchase, this time the Send Me More Nudes set from the vacation collection. I was immediately drawn to this set because it looked more promising than the KKW x Kylie collaboration. After watching and reading a couple of reviews on that one I didn’t like the way they looked on lighter skin tones similar to mine so I decided not to purchase. And with the Send Me More Nudes I opted for the matte set instead of the velvets because I hadn’t tried those yet and was afraid that with my Invisalign a non matte lipstick would get on them and look a mess. (which has happened more often than I’m willing to admit)




The Send Me More Nudes collection is hands down my favorite Kylie purchase I’ve ever made. With a lot of the sets I find that theres always a shade or two I’m not going to use as much as the others but I’m obsessed with every color in this collection. They have very easily become my go to nudes, pushing aside my NYX Lip Lingeries, and are worn on a daily basis.



Formula wise they’re pretty standard compared to the other Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks I have. They apply easily and have complete coverage with one layer. Wear time depends on if and what I eat that day with it on. Obviously your greasy pizza is going to do a job on them while you can get away with snacking on pretzels without messing up your lipstick. They also don’t apply patchy like the darker colors tend to.


*Tip: When wearing a matte lipstick make sure you’re taking care of your lips! I find using a lip-scrub right before I apply the lipstick gives me the best results, I also apply a lip-balm whenever I can and before bed*


Since my first post on Kylie Lip Kits (you can read that one here) I have had a chance to try out Colour Pop’s liquid lipsticks. And while I love the price of theirs compared to Kylie Cosmetics’ I personally can definitely tell the difference between the two formulas. When I wear my Colour Pop lipstick it’s more drying then Kylie’s and I’m more aware it’s on my lips throughout the day. Compared to Kylie’s where yes it’s drying, it is a matte lipstick after all and I’m not going to tell you it’s not, but I’m not always aware its on making it a more comfortable wear for me. So while I don’t hate them and would purchase more, probably exotic colors I wouldn’t wear on a day to day basis or colors I want to test out before I splurge on a higher end version, Kylie Cosmetics still takes the top spot for me.

Whats your favorite brand of matte liquid lipstick? I would love to hear about them!

XO, Brianna

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