Beauty Bakerie

If I could rate a brand strictly on their concept and packaging Beauty Bakerie without a doubt gets a 10/10 from me. Ever since they first started popping up in youtube videos and on blogs I was instantly drawn to the brand because well, I’m a sucker for some cute packaging. That being said, I finally caved and made a purchase to test out some of their goodies.


The first product I picked up, and the one I was most excited for, was their Pink Flour – Setting Powder, I had originally planned on getting the translucent setting powder but it was out of stock at the time of my purchase (Side note: it’s back in stock and it’s taking a lot of will power for me not to go and purchase it). Well, I guess that gave it away but, I’m completely in love with this powder. At first I was a little hesitant because of the pink tint but I love it for under my eyes where lets be real, I need a little extra help in the brightening department. I personally don’t use this powder all over my face because of its pink coloring, I still prefer a standard translucent one for down my nose, forehead and chin. I love how fine and light weight the powder is as it doesn’t make under my eyes feel heavy or look ‘cakey’ at any point throughout the day.

Next up I picked up one of their Lip Whips in Hibiscus Mango Tea and honestly was disappointed. I feel like by now we’ve all seen the videos showing off just how smudge proof they are and it really set my exceptions high. Throwing the color aside completely, since I’m not entirely sure if I love it or hate it on me yet there really isn’t anything I like about the way this lipstick wears. I find it to be really patchy and even with two layers it’s not opaque; I have a small freckle on my lower lip and it still peaks through when I have it on. When the lipstick is drying down it’s obnoxiously sticky to the point where your lips actually stick together if you let them touch. When it dries it exaggerates every line on your lips to the extreme and for me is very uncomfortable to wear (Yes, I exfoliate my lips on the regular and before I apply any liquid lipstick). I also find with the two layers it starts to flake off almost immediately providing a not so cute lip situation. All that being said I’d still be up to giving them another go. If I do decide to pick up another color more in my comfort zone to do another test with in regards to how patchy they are I’d probably pair it with a clear gloss to *hopefully* make it more of a comfortable wear.

Lastly I picked up two of their glitter sprinkles in silver and grey with the sprinkles glue. Although one of my glitters came without the protective plastic and makes a small glitter explosion whenever I open it I truly do enjoy using these glitters although they are pretty standard compared to others I’ve used. I personally like that they don’t have a sifter on them with a wide opening so you can dip your brush right in and get the brush coated without making too much of a mess. On the other hand, the sprinkles glue is a pass for me. Besides the fact that it irritates my eyelids I found when the product dried the glitter almost immediately started to flake off leaving the glitter looking patchy and left fallout on my cheeks throughout the day. When I use a product like the Glitter Glue from Too Faced I found that I was able to get a more densely packed covering and there was little to no fallout. I’ve used the Too Faced glitter glue with a loose glitter for a dance recital and even after sweating under hot lights, costume changes and running around after small children for 3 hours straight the glitter stayed put. I also tried the Beauty Bakerie glitter glue with the standard glitter and shimmer shadows I usually used the Too Faced glitter glue with without a problem and the same flaking and bunching off happened before I had even left the house.


Over all I’d say I’m currently in a love-hate relationship with Beauty Bakerie. I’m either totally in love with a product or can go without it completely. I’d love to try their highlighters and eyeshadows next because I have heard good things about them. Have you tried anything from Beauty Bakerie? What did you think about it?

XO, Brianna

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