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I’d say I’m back but I’m quickly realizing that I can’t make those kinds of promises when it comes to blogging and it’s not like any of you have noticed my absence anyway. But, here I am with another VoxBox review/unboxing for you guys who happen to stubble upon it.

When I first received this box I was honestly a little skeptical, some of the products looked interesting to say the least but I was excited to try out some Sinful Colors products because I previously have not. Overall, I’d say this VoxBox turned out to be half I’d use it again and half I’m most likely throwing this away.

Scroll down to see swatches of these products as well as the others that came in my box! 

First up we have the Sinful Colors Bold Brow Intense Effects (top) and the Shady Babe creme eyeshadow duo (bottom).  When it comes to the Bold Brow intense effects product I honestly don’t get it and it’s probably something I would never reach for. Maybe if you’re a little more daring than I am and have a festival or event coming up it would be perfect for you. Putting my own personal feelings aside, I did give it a fair shot. Along with the others in the box, this product has great pigmentation Sinful Colors is definitely not playing around in that department. But, as soon as this product dries it cracks and starts to flake off (see picture below) so I didn’t even bother trying it as eyeshadow as I had originally planned. I’m also not the biggest fan of the applicator which is essentially a hard piece of plastic. So even if I had a day where I decided to walk on the wild side when it comes to my brow, I wouldn’t be reaching for this product.


On the other hand we have the Shady Babe creme eyeshadow duo which I actually really enjoy. While the applicator is a little awkward, I find it to be slightly too big, it’s workable. I tend to use my finger to fix the application anyway. Once again the pigmentation is excellent and unlike the eyebrow product it doesn’t crack or flake when it dries (of course if you apply too thick of a layer it’s a possibility). I also found that this product doesn’t smudge throughout the day which I’ve seen happen with other creme shadow products . These creme shadows also layer nicely over powder shadows if you wanted to define and blend out the crease before applying them. I do wish they paired the rose gold with a more wearable color rather than the navy blue because I’m still looking for that perfect event to rock metallic blue eyeshadow but unfortunately haven’t found it yet.

The Sinful Colors Diva Lash Color Mascara (in the color Fantas – Eyes) was actually one of the products I couldn’t wait to try out. I love the idea of adding a pop of color to your look in an unexpected way with a mascara. Unfortunately, the bronze color was not the way to go for me. Instead of defining and intensifying my lashes, which is typically what we’re looking for from a mascara, they lightened them into a I may have forgotten to put mascara on this morning look. I don’t know about you guys but it’s not exactly the look I’m going for. The mascara formula itself was also not my favorite, as it didn’t add any length or volume. As for the Stop and Stare gel eyeliner it’s another hit for me. It’s a soft creamy formula with great color pay off. And throughout the day I didn’t find it to smudge or bleed throughout the day. My favorite way to use this eyeliner is on the lower lash line as a pop of color, I can’t wait to bring it out in the summer!

I’m not a huge fan of stick highlighters because I do use a powder all over my face, so when I saw the Face Forward all over highlighting stick I wasn’t super excited. But, I have been doing quite a few no foundation days and I love the natural this product gives without making you look like a greasy mess. I honestly expected this product to blend out into nothing but it doesn’t and surprising lasts throughout the entire day. It’s not going to give you a blinding highlight but for more natural days it adds a great glow.

Swatches from right to left: 1 + 2 Bold Brow intense effects, 3 + 4 Shady Babe creme eyeshadow duo, 5 Stop & Stare gel eyeliner, 6 Face Forward All Over highlighting stick 


So overall definitely a box filled with some hits and misses for me personally but I look forward to trying out other Sinful Color product in the future! What are your favorite products from Sinful Colors I should try out? Leave them down below!

XO, Brianna

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**I was sent this products complimentary for testing purposes**

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