Studex for Sensitive Ears

Hey guys! I know my last post was about earring buttttt here comes another…

In my last post I mentioned that I have to be careful with the earrings that I wear because of my skin sensitivities well, I might have found a solution. I was presented with an opportunity to test out Studex earrings that specializes in earrings for sensitive ears and decided to go ahead and partnered up with them to test them out!


Overall my experience wearing Studex earrings was good, nothing magical but I was happy with them. While the earrings didn’t irritate my ears as much as your typical earrings would, I did still experience some irritation. Without getting too gross I do get some pus (yes I know sorry I hate that word too) but my ears never get visibly red and they never hurt. Which are all typical things for me when I wear earrings that aren’t such good quality.


As you can imagine being a company based on creating stud earrings their variety is currently close the none which is slightly disappointing. But, I can get away with wearing your typical earrings here and there so I’m not too mad about it. It still leaves me with options for when I want to change it up. That being said though, I have replaced my everyday go to studs with the ones from studez and have been wearing them on a daily basis.

I did also receive after piercing lotion but I ended up not using it because I don’t have any fresh piercings so I can’t speak on how well it works.

If you want to grab yourself a pair of Studex earrings to try out you can check out the link below!

XO, Brianna

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