Koko Kollection

I know this post is incredibly late (What else is new?) but it’s been sitting in my drafts for months so I decided to just go ahead a post it anyway, I’ll be doing the same with a couple of other upcoming posts… hope you don’t mind! xo

Alright lets not act too surprised but I made another Kylie Cosmetics purchase…


… and this was totally not my fault! Kylie had put both the In Love with the KoKo and the KoKo Kollection on sale for Khloe’s birthday and it was too good of a deal not to get it. When the KoKo Collections first came out I wasn’t interested in getting them because one, I wasn’t completely interested in the face palette and two, I couldn’t see myself wearing all of the lipstick colors of either set and at the time I wasn’t wearing glosses (Shoutout to being done with invisalign so I don’t have to worry about getting gloss on my retainers!). But, with getting one set free and 20% off (I believe this was the deal I can’t find my confirmation email so I’m going off memory here, sorry) it then became worth it for me to purchase.

First off is the KoKo Kollection face palette, this palette comes with a satin blush, 2 illuminating powders and a matte bronzer. This is the only face product I own from Kylie Cosmetics and while I definitely don’t  hate it, I wouldn’t miss it if I didn’t have it. On my fair skin the blush is a little too intense and requires a very light hand and because of this I find myself skipping out on it all together so I don’ have to put in the extra work. As far as the highlights go, they’re what I use the most out of the palette. I love that theres both a cool tone and warmer tone included, and what impresses me even more is that they both look good on my skin tone. It’s easy to apply whichever tone matches the eye look I’ve done for the day and go, I also frequently use them as eyeshadows. Lastly, while I can use the bronzer on my skin tone and get it to work, I have others I prefer and reach for more often. I actually find myself using this bronzer as a transition shade in my eye looks more than as an actual bronzer.


As far as all the lipsticks go, they’re once again pretty standard to the quality of other Kylie liquid lipsticks. Easy to apply, dry down well, fairly comfortable to wear and stay all day. But, the darker shades still do apply a little patchy (@ Kylie when are we going to fix this?)

As far as Kylie’s glosses go this was really the first time I was able to test them out and actually be able to wear them without it getting all over my Invisalign. I will say I’m not typically a gloss girl but I ALWAYS have a Kylie gloss in my purse now. Yes, they’re sticky it is a gloss after all but its not so sticky that your lips are going to stick together. I honestly find them to be very comfortable to wear.

How do you guys feel about Kylie Cosmetics? Still obsessed or over it?

XO, Brianna

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