Beauty Bakerie (Part 2)

A while ago I tried out a couple of the products from the brand Beauty Bakerie, and to sum it up, it ended up being a love hate relationship. (If you want to check out the first blog post I wrote up you can check that out here).  Overall underwhelmed with my last experience I did end up making another purchase to try out some more of their products. Keep reading to find out if it went any better this time!

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Game Day Outfits

As I finally find the time to sit down and put this post together, it’s the last day of the MLB regular season. I’m sad to say the least but, THE YANKEES ARE HEADED TO THE POST SEASON!! So while we don’t have too much baseball left to go I thought I’d still share with you what I’ve been wearing to the games. The plus side for you guys being that some of these shirts are now on sale and one of my favorite places to shop has college apparel for my fellow college students headed into football season.

PS: Don’t click off this post if you’re not a Yankees fan, these websites carry apparel for your team too! 

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Koko Kollection

I know this post is incredibly late (What else is new?) but it’s been sitting in my drafts for months so I decided to just go ahead a post it anyway, I’ll be doing the same with a couple of other upcoming posts… hope you don’t mind! xo

Alright lets not act too surprised but I made another Kylie Cosmetics purchase…

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Throughout my adventures of online shopping I’ve stumbled upon BaubleBar, never made a purchase but always ended up finding my way back to browse the site. One of my biggest hesitations with making an order being that I have super sensitive ears. But, after talking to a friend who didn’t have any problems, I caved and placed my order.

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